To provide consistently great-tasting, natural and organic food and drinks to our conscious customers, to help them start and achieve a healthy lifestyle, and eventually become the country’s leading source and top-of-mind brand of nutritious, natural food and drinks.

We serve cold-pressed juices using fruits and vegetables, and fruit-infused water detox drinks for the health-conscious consumers. Our products are 100% natural with no preservatives.* They are freshly juiced and prepared on the same day to retain the nutrients and minerals as well as the natural taste.

100% Cold-Pressed Juices

We use high quality slow juicers to squeeze out the flavors and juices from our selection of fruits and vegetables. Our 4 main flavors are:



carrots, apples, cucumbers

This sweet juice is naturally cooling, hydrating, and is rich in potassium, magnesium and silica, that improve your complexion and give you a much radiant, revitalized skin.


strawberries, honey, vanilla extract

The tangy-sweet smoothie has anti-aging and skin lightening properties that rejuvenate the skin and help minimize pores, giving you a younger looking skin!


green apples, oranges, greens

This green, healthy, sweet-sour juice contains fat-fighting agents that help eliminate that stubborn excess weight. Plus, it has anti-cancer properties to boost!


baby spinach, peaches, peach juice

Don’t let the color fool you. This suprisingly sweet smoothie contains flavonoids that have antioxidants which slow down the effects of aging on the brain!


Water Detox (Refills for only P15)

These products are fruit-infused water detoxifying drinks that are natural and with no preservatives. These are light, refreshing drinks to provide proper hydration and supply your body with the nutrients and natural flavor of the fruits. Available Flavors:






*unless requested by the cusomer