Plantita Spray (250mL)

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The Daily Organics - Plantita Spray

100% All-Natural. 100% Organic.

"Your plant and garden partner."

For all your garden needs and maintenance.

Kills snails and slugs
Keeps unwanted animals away
Kills weeds
Ant Repellent
Cleans pots
Increases soil acidity (good for acid-loving plants)
Sanitizes outdoor furniture
Removes water lines from vases
Rust Remover

Despite all these amazing uses, the Plantita Spray is NOT:
X - A fertilizer
X - A routine leaf cleaner

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before using.
-Cleaning hard water spots on leaves: Spray on a damp cloth, then wipe on the leaves.
-DO NOT spray directly on leaves as the solution is acidic.
-To kill weeds, directly spray on them.
-To remove rust: Spray
generously and soak rusted tool for at least 2 hours. If rust does not dissolve, wait some more. Rinse with water.
-Effective repellant against skunks, squirrels, cats, dogs, ants, insects, and pests.

DO NOT USE on marble, granite, unfinished wood, wooden furniture.

Distilled water, real citrus fruits, vinegar, essential oils.
That’s it!
100% Organic.
100% All-Natural.

Keep out of reach of
The solution is organic and no chemicals were added, but it is acidic in nature. In case of eye contact, wash with running water.

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